Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Flyin' By!

The end of the year is coming up quickly! This Thanksgiving was my favorite by far. I have a feeling this Christmas - in Portland, YES! - will be one of my favorites as well. Roger is growing up way too fast and is rip-roaring around the place at dizzying paces!

I am a big New Year's resolutions fan. I know a lot of people aren't, and I judge all of you for that. I gave up Diet Coke for 2009. It's the only resolution I can remember, and therefore probably the only one I kept.

What's the challenge for 2010, you ask? This is my newest sacrifice:

That's right. Chocolate. I definitely didn't think I could do without my precious Coke Zero/Diet Coke for a year, and that turned out to be relatively easy. But chocolate? Just the thought makes me grab a Toblerone and tear into it like there's no tomorrow.

I'm also resolving to run a half marathon in the first half of 2010.

Both of these things are requiring courage in even ATTEMPTING to complete them. But I'm excited and challenged and therefore satisfied.

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