Tuesday, December 8, 2009

As promised...

...Roger in the snow.

He got his last round of puppy shots yesterday, and I found out he's now 6.3 pounds! He gained 2 pounds in the last month. Heffer! I've been watching the clock, waiting for yesterday to come because now we can go to dog parks and take obedience classes. Roger's as close as they come to perfect, but he's a puppy, thus making him a perfect devil.

On another note, I feel like I am barely inching towards the finish line of 2009. Come on, new decade!

On another note, I have been eating peppermint bark and chocolate-walnut fudge in alarming quantities this season. Oh, and I'm absolutely and officially addicted to froyo.

On another note, I've also eaten way too many yogurt covered pretzels. Wait, that's probably the same note as above.

On another note, my dad's in Dubai. So jealous.

On my last note, I am gifting etsy galore this Christmas, and all my packages have started tumbling in. I love the original quality of these doodads and trinkets, and I hope the giftees love these one-of-a-kinds as much as me!

On my final note of the day, BIGGEST LOSER TONIGHT! I'm rooting for Danny.

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