Friday, May 11, 2012


I remember the first day I listened to Florence and the Machine. I was on a hot, hot run, and I was intermittently running, walking, crying, and gasping through downtown Houston. It was not during the healthiest, happiest time in my life. Little did I know, though, that her little album there was going to play a huge part in bringing about happiness and health in my life in the coming months after that run...

A couple weeks ago Florence came to town. No way I was going to miss her, not with the kind of influence she's been in my life this last year.

The dog days are over, over. 
Went with another healing power in my life, and we Ooo'ed and Ahh'ed at her performance and vocals. Turns out being in relationships takes away from other relationships (it's inevitable but sad), so it was wonderful to see OJ! We talked boys, and work, and boys, and boys, and the future with those boys, and froyo (duh).

Lovely Lisa G!
Finally, right when it was about my bedtime, she came out, and great Scott, what a show! That woman sings from the depths of her soul...sometimes it's almost like an on-pitch bellow. She was incredible.

(Also she was wearing some kind of bird-like cape thing. While I don't necessarily condone this kind of wardrobe for normal people, Florence can rock a feathery, flowy tarp like nobody's business.) 

It was an hour's worth of bliss, and I was so sad when it was over.

The dog days are over indeed. As my mom has often said, "The only thing we know for sure is that nothing stays the same." I think back to that hot, sweaty, breathless run and thank God for the journey he's taken me on and is taking me on. It's filled with people and details and love that I would never have been brave enough to ask for myself. And yet, he's made it happen anyway.

That being said, there's lots of great things to catch up on, friends! My semester is over, and I'm free until August. This means there's hours upon hours of cooking, reading, exercising, firefighter discussing and lazing to do for the next few months. Can't wait to get started!

(Pssst. Did you catch the firefighter part? Yep, one date turned into two, then two into three, and now we've been together for almost three months. And rarely have I stopped smiling this entire time. Swoon.)

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